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What is one of the fundamental impacts of transportation mentioned in the text?

Conveying passengers and goods

What is the primary focus of the economic system mentioned in the text?

Production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services

In the production of goods, what role does transportation play?

Providing facilities and services to bring inputs of production to production areas

How does transportation contribute to geographical access, as per the text?

Expanding market base and improving economies of scale

Which type of products are mentioned in the text as being transported?

Agricultural and manufactured products

Transportation primarily involves the distribution and consumption of goods and services.


Transportation does not contribute to the time performance, reliability, and reduced loss or damage of goods.


Transportation has no impact on geographical access and market expansion.


Transportation does not play a role in the production of goods and services.


Transportation does not impact economies of scale in production, distribution, and consumption.


Test your knowledge of transportation infrastructure in the Philippines with this quiz. From roads and highways to airports, seaports, and the history of the first commercial train, see how much you know about the transportation network in the Philippines.

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