Philippine Regional Groups and Religious Diversity Quiz

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Which mountain is the highest in the Philippines?

Mt. Apo

What serves as natural barriers against typhoons in the Philippines?

Mountain ranges

Which mountain range is referred to as 'The Highlands'?


Where is Cloud 9 Beach located?

Siargao, Surigao del Norte

What is the second highest mountain in the Philippines?

Mt. Dulang-Dulang

Where is Nacpan Beach located?

El Nido, Palawan

Which regional group in the Philippines is known to be carefree?


When was Islam introduced to the Philippines?

14th century

Which religion was introduced in the Philippines with the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521?


Which independent church was founded in 1902 in the Philippines?

Aglipay (Philippine Independent Church)

Which of the following countries did not play a role in introducing a religion to the Philippines?


Which Filipino independent church has expanded its membership significantly and serves as landmarks in many places?

Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ)

Which cave system is the largest in the Philippines?

Calbiga Caves in Samar Island Natural Park

Which ocean bounds the Philippines to the east?

Pacific Ocean

What is the largest river in the Philippines in terms of length?

Rio Grande de Cagayan

Which sea bounds the Philippines in the west?

South China Sea

How many global oceans are there on Earth?


What type of waterway is a river?

Freshwater flowing channel

Where is Pagsanjan Falls located?


Which waterfall is situated in Badian, Cebu?

Kawasan Falls

What is the primary responsibility of the Department of Tourism (DOT) in the Philippines?

Promote and develop tourism

What role does the physical environment play in the success of tourism?

It is crucial for tourism success

What can tourism contribute to if managed well?

Conservation of natural resources

What is one sector that offers opportunities for business development in the Philippines?


Where can information about the most remarkable mountains in the Philippines be found?

Which source provides information about weather and climate in the Philippines?

Where would one go to learn about beach-related terms?

Which source focuses on providing information about rivers?

Where can one find details about the mission and vision of the Department of Tourism in the Philippines?

Which site would you visit for information about lakes?

Test your knowledge about the distinct traits, dialects, and religious diversity of the various regional groups in the Philippines. Explore the cultural characteristics of Ilocanos, Tagalogs, Visayans, Moslems, and tribal communities.

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