Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Sterilization Methods II

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Which type of indicator comprises a plastic vial containing a spore strip and a sealed glass ampoule of culture medium?

AttestTM indicator

What is the purpose of the ChemsporTM indicator mentioned in the text?

Distinguishing exposed and non-exposed ampoules

Which indicator involves a plastic carrier with dried Bacillus stearothermophilus spores?

Plastic carrier with dried spores

What does Browne’s tubeTM indicate through its color change on heat exposure?

Temperature increase

Which method involves a blue dye progressing from left to right during heat exposure?

ThermalogTM strip

What is the purpose of the ChemdiTM indicator?

Monitoring temperature changes

Which type of indicator is a combined chemical and biological indicator?


What does the spore strip in the AttestTM indicator contain?

Dried Bacillus stearothermophilus spores

What is the distinguishing feature of the ChemsporTM indicator on autoclaving?

Enables distinction between exposed and non-exposed ampoules

What type of agent is used as a sterilizing agent according to the text?

Ethelene oxide

Learn about various sterilization methods in pharmaceutical microbiology, including cold sterilization, radiation sterilization, sterilization by filtration, and gaseous sterilization. Explore the use of ethylene oxide, β-propiolactone, propylene oxide, and formaldehyde in disposable medical devices.

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