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What percentage of the general population is estimated to have personality disorders?

10 to 20 percent

Which of the following psychiatric disorders is NOT mentioned as frequently comorbid with personality disorders?

Bipolar disorder

What term is used to describe personality disorder symptoms that are acceptable to the ego?

Ego syntonic

What is the approximate percentage of psychiatric patients estimated to have a personality disorder?

50 to 60 percent

What is the duration of personality disorders typically expressed in?


Study Notes

Personality Disorders

  • Approximately 10-15% of the general population is estimated to have personality disorders.


  • Not all psychiatric disorders are frequently comorbid with personality disorders; for example, Tourette's syndrome is NOT typically mentioned as comorbid.

Ego-Syntonic Symptoms

  • Ego-syntonic symptoms refer to personality disorder symptoms that are acceptable or consistent with an individual's ego or sense of self.

Prevalence in Psychiatric Patients

  • Around 30-60% of psychiatric patients are estimated to have a personality disorder.

Duration of Personality Disorders

  • The duration of personality disorders is typically expressed in years, often spanning an individual's lifetime.

Test your knowledge of personality disorders with this quiz. Explore the various traits and characteristics that define different personality disorders, and learn about the impact they can have on individuals.

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