Permanent Maxillary Molars Surface Anatomy Quiz

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How many permanent molars are there?


Which type of teeth are permanent molars?


At what age do the permanent maxillary molars erupt?

10-12 years

How many surfaces does a permanent maxillary molar have?


What is the function of permanent molars?

Crushing and grinding food

What is the number of roots in permanent maxillary molars?


Which type of permanent maxillary molar has a hexagonal or rectangular occlusal outline?

First molar

At what age does the eruption of permanent maxillary molars typically occur?

10-12 years

Which geometric outline best describes the buccal aspect of permanent maxillary molars?


What anatomical landmark is present on the buccal surface of permanent maxillary molars?

Cervical ridge

Permanent maxillary molars have a ______ occlusal outline

hexagonal or rectangular

The upper molars have ______ roots, while the lower molars have ______ roots

3, 2

The occlusal outline of the upper molars is described as ______ or ______

rhomboidal, heart

Permanent maxillary molars have ______ surfaces


The cervical outline of the buccal aspect of permanent maxillary molars is slightly ______ toward the root


Test your knowledge of the surface anatomy of permanent maxillary molars, including the number of surfaces and roots, occlusal outline, and other key anatomical features.

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