Performance Management vs Compensation Management

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What is the primary purpose of performance management?

To foster employee development and improve organizational performance

Which of the following is NOT a key concern in compensation management?

Ensuring fairness and objectivity in performance evaluations

What is the relationship between performance management and compensation management?

Performance management provides the basis for compensation decisions

Which of the following is NOT a key component of the scope of performance management?

Salary structure and pay rates

How can compensation management influence employee motivation and performance?

Compensation can influence employee motivation and performance in a significant way

Which of the following is NOT a key difference between performance appraisal and performance management?

Performance appraisal outcomes can lead to compensation adjustments, while performance management outcomes do not influence compensation.

Which management theory or approach emphasized the importance of employee well-being and two-way communication?

Human Relations Movement

What is the primary focus of Competency-Based Performance Management?

Identifying and developing core skills (competencies) needed for effective job performance

Which performance management approach is aligned with agile project management principles?

Agile Performance Management

What is a key aspect of the digital transformation in performance management?

Utilizing technology and data analytics through dedicated software and online platforms

Learn the differences between Performance Management and Compensation Management processes. Understand how these practices impact employee performance and organizational success.

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