Importance of Employee Management Systems

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What is the term used to describe a regular, fixed payment made by an employer to an employee?


Which type of compensation includes wages, incentives, and benefits?

Direct Compensation

What theory suggests that employees are motivated by the expected job rewards and benefits?

Expectancy Theory

What is achieved when the pay given by employers is equal to the value of the job performed?

Fairness pay equity

Which component of organization and management deals with employee movements within the company?

Employee Relations

What is the term used to describe the process of resolving disputes and issues raised by employees?

Grievance Procedure

What is the process of rating an employee's work in a methodical manner called?

Performance evaluation

Which of the following is an external factor affecting employee compensation?

Local and global market conditions

Which performance appraisal method includes vertical scales of essential job strategy, numbered by importance?

Behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS)

What are the three types of employees mentioned in the text?

Engaged, not engaged, actively disengaged

What is used to measure the frequency of observed behavior in the behavior observation scale method?

Cleans the room before leaving

What are the two categories of rewards mentioned in the text?

Monetary and non-monetary

What is the primary reason for employees unionizing according to the text?

Financial needs

What are the two purposes of performance appraisal mentioned in the text?

Administrative and developmental purposes

What type of employee relationship leads to social support according to the text?

Good employee relations

What are the two main factors affecting employee compensation mentioned in the text?

Internal and external factors

What type of method for evaluating a worker's consciousness is mentioned in the text?

Trait methods

What are the four reasons mentioned in the text for some evaluation programs to fail?

Bias evaluators, organizational politics, unclear standard, personal issues with the employee

Learn about the significance of compensation, performance appraisal, reward systems, employee relations, and employee movements in organizational management. This lesson outline covers topics such as compensation/wages, performance appraisal, reward system, employee relations, and grievance procedure.

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