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How do high-status groups tend to perceive discrimination?

They tend to perceive less discrimination than low-status groups

According to prospect theory, how do whites may view increased racial equality?

As potential losses, emphasizing negative reactions

How do racist websites often frame race relations?

As 'white people losing ground,' similar to historical examples

What does research suggest about framing social change as a loss for whites?

It contributes to the racial divide in perceptions

How do black respondents perceive progress towards equality?

They perceive less progress towards equality than white respondents

What does the 'glass cliff phenomenon' refer to?

The tendency to appoint women to leadership roles during crises or periods of poor organizational performance

What is the 'women are wonderful' effect referred to in the text?

The perception that women are warm but less competent, while men are perceived as competent but less communal

What is the main impact of tokenism, as discussed in the text?

It deters collective protest and maintains beliefs in meritocracy

What component of stereotypes involves beliefs and expectations about the members of social groups?

Cognitive component

What is the 'think manager—think male' bias related to?

The glass ceiling effect in corporate settings

The need for affiliation is as crucial to psychological well-being as which of the following?


What do individuals seek based on their affiliation needs?

Optimal balance between social contact and solitude

What happens when individuals have unmet affiliation needs, according to the text?

Feeling left out and unpleasant experiences

What do some individuals claim about emotional attachments, despite research findings?

They have no need for emotional attachments

What does the evolutionary perspective suggest about cooperation with others?

It enhanced survival

How does proximity influence interpersonal contact?

Proximity increases the likelihood of interaction

What is the Repeated Exposure Effect?

The more favorable evaluation of a stimulus with increased exposure

How do positive affect and negative affect influence evaluations of others?

Positive affect leads to positive evaluations, while negative affect leads to negative evaluations

What drives affiliation in response to stress?

The need for social comparison, cognitive clarity, and emotional comfort

How do external events influence the need for affiliation?

External events temporarily increase the need for affiliation

Test your knowledge on perceptions of inequality among different groups and the legitimacy of discrimination based on group perspectives. Explore how white and black Americans perceive discrimination and racial inequality, with a focus on employment wages.

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