PCOL 2-1 Ligand Gated Ion Channels (LGICs)

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What is the structural feature that gives pentameric superfamily receptors their name?

Cys-cys looping

Which drug acts as a competitive antagonist of most GABAAR's?


Which drug enhances the actions of GABA and known to be more selective?


Which drug can act alone or enhance the actions of GABA and is less selective, making it more dangerous?


Which subunits are selective for benzodiazepines in GABAAR receptors?

α1-3,5 and γ

Which drug acts on all GABAA receptors?


What effect is mediated by the α2 subunit of GABAAR receptors when benzodiazepines are present?


How can the effects of benzodiazepines be eliminated?

Replacing the Histidine residue with an Arginine residue

Which drug binds to the TM domain of GABA receptors and enhances GABA?


Which drug directly stimulates GABA receptors at high concentrations?

General anaesthetics

Which drug alters the pore conformation of M2 in GABA receptors?


Which drug is an allosteric enhancer of GlyRs?

Ivermectin and Cannabinoids

Which drug is an antagonist of 5HT3R?


Which drug is used to treat IBS?


Which type of receptors are voltage dependent and can be blocked by Mg2+?


What is the role of glycine in NMDA-R activation?

It acts as a co-agonist

What is the structure of excitatory GluR's?


Which molecules act as agonists on GluR's?

NMDA, kainate, AMPA, glutamate

Which type of receptors have increased selectivity for their respective receptors due to increased rigidity?


Which binding site on AMPA-R's is responsible for uncompetitive antagonists?

Ion channel pore

Which part of GluR's structure contains the selectivity filter on the pore?

TMD (transmembrane domain)

What confers selectivity in the M2 helices of the structure?

Charged residues

What happens to the α-helices when the pore is closed?

They bend inward

What occurs to the helices when the pore opens?

They tilt and rotate

Test your knowledge on pentameric superfamily receptors and excitatory ionotropic glutamate receptors with this quiz. Identify various receptors and their functions, including nAChR, 5-HT3 R, GlyR, GABAAR, AMPA, NMDA, Kainate, and ATP receptors. Explore the effects of endogenous ligands on ion channels.

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