Pediatric Respiratory Care and Assessment

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What is the primary role of a case manager?

To collaborate with clients and others involved in the client's care for assessment, planning, facilitation, coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and advocacy

What percentage of RSV cases involve an illness caused by bacterial or viral infectious agents in the lower respiratory tract?


What is the name of the nursing theory that focuses on self-care deficit?

Orem's Belief Model of Nursing

What is the benefit of case management programs for low-income seniors?

Improved quality of care and reduced acute care utilization

What is the term for the ability to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions?

Health literacy

Bottle feeding an infant in the upright position may help to prevent which infectious health problem?


What is a common characteristic of individuals at increased risk for pneumonia?

Chronic respiratory conditions

Which of the following symptoms is NOT typically associated with pneumonia?

Numbness in the limbs

What is a key component of pneumonia prevention?

Staying up to date on immunizations

Which health insurance program is primarily focused on providing services to individuals 65 or older?


What is the recommended daily fluid intake for pneumonia prevention?

More than 3 liters

What is the purpose of the Affordable Care Act's health insurance marketplace?

To allow individuals to compare and purchase health insurance plans

What is the primary purpose of monitoring vital signs frequently during post-operative care?

To detect any potential complications early

What is the recommended guidance for patients regarding eating after surgery?

Patients should wait until they hear bowel sounds before eating

What is a major risk factor for pneumonia in older adults?

Weakened immune response

What is the significance of early ambulation in post-operative care?

It reduces the risk of DVT and PE

What is the definition of pneumonia?

An inflammatory process that reduces gas exchange

Why are infants and young children at a higher risk for pneumonia?

They have underdeveloped airways

Test your knowledge on pediatric respiratory care and assessment, including prevention of infectious diseases, respiratory syncytial virus, and vital signs monitoring. Questions cover topics such as bottle feeding, aspiration, and RSV in children under 2 years old.

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