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Which method is used to destroy the glucagon-secreting cells in the pancreas?

Treatment with alloxan

What does cobalt chloride treatment target in the pancreas?

Glucagon-secreting cells

Which nerve disruption is carried out to affect gastrin production in the stomach?

Deafferentation Vagotomy

What is the function of gastrin in the stomach?

Stimulating HCl and pepsinogen secretion

Why is it necessary to use highly inbred strains when transplanting tissues?

To minimize problems related to tissue rejection

What is the purpose of Parabiosis as described in the text?

To connect blood supplies of two animals

What is a crucial consideration when conducting whole animal studies with hormones?

The appropriate physiological state of the animal

In whole animal studies, why is it important to determine whether the dose of hormone used is physiological or pharmacological?

To assess if the dose can affect the animal's metabolism

What is a major advantage of using an isolated perfused organ system in studies on hormone effects?

It provides a controlled environment to study organ metabolism

Why are potential interactions or side effects of hormone treatments important considerations in whole animal studies?

To identify any unexpected effects that may influence the results

What factor plays a key role in determining the appropriate animal model for whole animal studies on hormones?

The size of the animal model relative to the study requirements

Why is the route of administration an important consideration in hormone studies?

To assess how the method of delivery affects hormone distribution and effects

Which method involves placing catheters in the blood vessels supplying and draining an organ or tissue without removing it from the animal?

Isolated organ or tissue in situ

In the split-udder design for dairy cattle, why are separate catheters placed in the external pudental arteries supplying the mammary gland?

To prevent treatment effects on one side

What factors should be considered in the organ perfusion/infusion model?

Determining the appropriate dose and treatment duration

What is a key advantage of using isolated organs or tissues in situ for experimentation?

Easy manipulation and sampling

Why are blood samples taken from arterial and venous catheters in the isolated organ or tissue in situ model?

To determine hormone levels and effects on metabolites

What is the purpose of supplying test compounds via arterial catheters in the isolated organ or tissue in situ model?

To observe effects on the organ directly

What is a limitation of in vitro models when studying the tissue being studied?

The results are qualitative rather than quantitative

How can the results of in vitro models be affected by the incubation medium?

The presence of particular hormones or metabolites can alter metabolic pathways

What is a common issue with the concentration of hormones used in in vitro models?

The concentration may be pharmacological rather than physiological

What is an advantage of using thin tissue slices in in vitro models?

Slices must be thin to allow oxygen penetration to interior cells

How does using thin tissue slices compare to perfusion in terms of technical ease?

Both methods have similar technical difficulty levels

What is a challenge associated with using thin tissue slices in in vitro models?

Many damaged cells may be present on the surface of the slice

What is the main advantage of using immortalized cell lines in experiments?

They offer a stable long-term system for experiments

Which of the following conditions is typically required for cell culture using immortalized cell lines?

Defined medium with serum

What is a key consideration when determining the appropriate duration of treatment in cell culture experiments?

Maintaining cell viability and hormone receptors

Which type of inhibitors can be used to determine the mechanism of action of hormones in cell culture studies?

Inhibitors of DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis

What does caution should researchers take when interpreting results obtained using immortalized cell lines?

Results from immortalized cell lines may not reflect those from primary cells

In what way do immortalized cell lines differ from freshly isolated primary cells?

Immortalized cell lines may not maintain all properties of primary cells

Test your knowledge on methods of destroying islet cells in the pancreas that produce insulin and glucagon, when surgical removal is not possible. Learn about techniques such as treatment with alloxan, cobalt chloride, and deafferentation vagotomy.

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