Oxygenation in COPD Patient

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What are the goals of mechanical ventilation?

Maintain alveolar ventilation, correct hypoxemia, maximize oxygen transport

Which physiological principle does a ventilator utilize when using positive pressure?

Blowing gas into the lungs

Which condition is NOT part of the 73-year-old patient's medical history?


What blood pressure was recorded for the patient on arrival?


What is NOT an objective that students should achieve regarding mechanical ventilation?

Increase patient's body temperature

What is the patient's oxygen saturation on 8L via nasal cannula?


What is an essential role of the critical care nursing team for a patient on mechanical ventilation?

Monitor ventilatory parameters

What is the primary function of a mechanical ventilator?

Deliver & control flow of gas to a patient

A case study of a 73-year-old woman with COPD and CHF, presenting with shortness of breath and cough. What can be done to stabilize her oxygenation?

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