Organizational Process Assets in Project Management
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Organizational Process Assets in Project Management

Test your knowledge on organizational process assets and their role in influencing a project's success. Learn about formal and informal plans, policies, procedures, knowledge bases, and other assets that contribute to project management.

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Which of the following is NOT considered as an organizational process asset?

Project budget

What type of information can be found in organizational process assets?

Completed schedules

Which of the following is an example of an organizational process asset related to knowledge management?

Lessons learned database

Study Notes

Organizational Process Assets

  • An organizational process asset is a type of information that is used to support the project management process.
  • It is not a project management process itself, but rather a tool to facilitate the process.

Characteristics of Organizational Process Assets

  • They are not part of the project management process.
  • They are not a specific type of project management process or tool.

Examples of Organizational Process Assets

  • Processes, policies, and procedures of the organization.
  • Lessons learned from previous projects.
  • Information from previous projects, such as project files, documents, and databases.
  • Proprietary knowledge, such as business knowledge, industry knowledge, and technical knowledge.

Knowledge Management

  • Organizational process assets related to knowledge management include lessons learned, best practices, and expertise.
  • This type of asset is used to share knowledge and expertise across the organization.
  • Examples of knowledge management assets include knowledge repositories, expert systems, and knowledge-sharing platforms.

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