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What does it mean when someone says 'Yes' to being an organ donor?

They have decided to donate their organs, eyes, and tissues after their death

What does the presence of a red heart in the lower right hand corner of a driver's license indicate?

The person is a registered organ donor

How often is someone added to the national waiting list for organ donation?

Every 10 minutes

What should one do if they have a change of heart about being an organ donor?

Call Legacy of Hope at 1-800-252-3677

How many people approximately die each day while waiting for organ donation?


What is the main purpose of the driver’s license or permit question 'Do you wish to be an organ donor'?

To give people an opportunity to register as an organ, eye, and tissue donor

What is the number one priority if you are admitted to a hospital?

Saving the patient's life

What is the main purpose of discussing your donation decision with your family, as mentioned in the text?

To confirm that your family understands your wishes

What is stated as a myth about organ donation in the text?

Organ donation affects the quality of medical care during accidents

What does having the red heart on your driver's license or registering online signify?

Legal documentation for organ donation

What remains the responsibility of the family in terms of costs?

Funeral costs and costs incurred in saving your life

What is the purpose of calling 1-800-252-3677 or visiting, according to the text?

To add names to the Legacy Organ and Tissue Donor Registry

What does it mean if someone indicates their donation wishes on their driver’s license?

Their name will be added to the Legacy Organ and Tissue Donor Registry

What is required in addition to having the red heart on your driver's license or registering online?

Discussion with family about donation wishes

'Buckling-up' refers to which safety measure according to the text?

'Buckling-up' refers to using seat belts for both drivers and passengers

'Scenic byways' are mentioned in the text in relation to what?

'Scenic byways' are mentioned in relation to practicing safe driving behavior

Test your knowledge about organ, eye, and tissue donation with this quiz. Learn about the significance of being an organ donor and the impact it can have on someone awaiting a lifesaving or healing transplant.

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