Nutrition Essentials

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What is a large contributor to deaths, physical deformities, and disabilities worldwide?


Which nutrient is found in proteins?

Amino acids

Which element is NOT mentioned as a component of the human body's chemical compounds?


What is necessary for children to grow physically and mentally?

Good nutrition

What is a chronic problem often linked to poverty and food security?

Poor nutrition

What are some factors often linked to poor nutrition?

Poverty, food security, and a poor understanding of nutritional requirements.

What are the chemical compounds found in the human body?

Water, carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, and nucleic acids.

Why is good nutrition necessary for children?

To grow physically and mentally, and for normal human biological development.

What elements are the chemical compounds in the human body composed of?

Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

What must be considered in a study to determine nutritional status?

The state of the body before and after experiments, the chemical composition of the whole diet, and all the materials excreted and eliminated.

Test your knowledge of human nutrition with this quiz! Explore essential nutrients, food sources, and the impact of good and poor nutrition on human health. Challenge yourself to understand the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and the consequences of malnutrition.

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