Neurotransmitter Receptors and Sodium Channels

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What is the primary effect of an excitatory neurotransmitter on an ionotropic receptor?

Depolarization of the postsynaptic membrane

Which of the following drugs blocks the uptake of catecholamine at the adrenergic synapse?


What is the effect of opioids on the postsynaptic region?

They mimic the action of enkephalin or block its function

What type of ion channels are directly opened by the binding of a neurotransmitter ligand?

Ligand-gated channels

Which of the following receptors is blocked by ketamine?

NMDA subtype of glutamine ionotropic receptors

Which type of receptor is involved in a membrane-delimited pathway, interacting directly with voltage-gated channels?

Metabotropic receptor

What is the site of action of reserpine?

Presynaptic neuron

What is a characteristic of the axons of local circuit neurons?

They are fine and branch repeatedly.

What is the effect of capsaicin on sensory neurons?

It causes the release of peptide substance P

What is the effect of metabotropic receptor activation on neurotransmitter release?

Decrease in neurotransmitter release

What is the result of beta-adrenoreceptor activation?

Activation of adenylyl cyclase

What type of system is composed of large myelinated fibers that can conduct action potentials at a rate of more than 50 m/s?

Sensory perception and motor control system

Which type of neurons forms interconnecting pathways that transmit signals over long distances?

Relay or projection neurons

What type of ion channels are highly concentrated in the initial segment of the axon?

Sodium channels

Which type of receptor has a longer activation time course?

Metabotropic receptor

What is a characteristic of the diffuse system?

It is a non-specific system with single cells frequently sending processes to many different areas.

What is the main difference between relay or projection neurons and local circuit neurons?

The distance over which they transmit signals.

Test your knowledge of ion channels and neurotransmitter receptors, including sodium channels and ligand-gated channels. Learn about the role of sodium channels in initiating action potentials and the characteristics of ionotropic receptors. Prepared by Asst. Prof. Grace Marie A. Maclan, MSc.

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