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Which part of the nervous system links the sensory and motor sides, providing the basis for higher-order functions?

Associational systems

Where does sensory information enter the CNS through peripheral nerves and is conducted to sensory areas?

Spinal cord at all levels

Which part of the nervous system controls bodily activity such as contraction of skeletal muscles and secretion of chemical substances by glands?

Autonomic nervous system

Where are the centers for controlling skeletal muscle contraction located in the nervous system?

Motor cortex

What part of the nervous system is responsible for channeling and processing of information?

Integrative Function of the Nervous System

Where does motor function to control bodily activity occur in the nervous system?

Reticular substance of brain stem

Which level of CNS functions is responsible for walking movements and withdrawal from painful objects?

Spinal cord level

What is the role of synapses in information processing in the CNS?

Blocking weak signals and allowing strong signals to pass

Which part of the nervous system has a complex synaptic arrangement called a glomerulus?

Subcortical circuits

What type of transmitters cause most acute responses of the nervous system?

Small-molecule, rapidly acting transmitters

What is the function of neuropeptides in the nervous system?

Prolonged actions such as changes in the number and size of synapses

Where are neuropeptides synthesized in the nervous system?

In the neuronal cell body

Which part of the CNS is responsible for thought processes and conscious awareness?

Higher brain or cortical level

What is the role of synaptic transmission at chemical synapses?

Involves several steps, including action of the transmitter substance on the postsynaptic neuron

Where does transmission of sensory information to the brain occur in the nervous system?

Both peripheral nerves and reflex arcs

What is the function of spinal cord circuits in the nervous system?

Responsible for walking movements and withdrawal from painful objects

Test your knowledge on the organization of the nervous system, basic functions of synapses, neurotransmitters, sensory systems, motor systems, and associational systems. Also, learn about the somatosensory axis of the nervous system.

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