Nervous System and Neurons Overview

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What type of signals do neurons use to communicate?

Both electrical and chemical signals

Where does the processing of information take place in the nervous system?

In simple clusters of neurons called ganglia or a more complex organization of neurons called a brain.

Which animal is mentioned as a good model for studying neuron function due to its extremely large nerve cells?


What is the function of dendrites in a neuron?

Receive signals from other neurons

What stage involves the detection of external stimuli and internal conditions in the nervous system?

Sensory input

In the nervous system, where does integration take place?

In the central nervous system (CNS)

Where does signal transmission occur in a neuron?


What is the function of ganglia in the nervous system?

To process information

Where do nerves with giant axons, ganglia, and the brain belong within the nervous system?

Central nervous system (CNS)

What is the function of neurotransmitters in signal transmission between neurons?

Passing information across the synapse

Which part of a neuron has most of its organelles located in it?

Cell body

What is the function of the axon in a neuron?

Transmit signals to other cells at synapses

What is the main role of the peripheral nervous system (PNS)?

Bring information into and out of the CNS

Which cells nourish or insulate most neurons in the nervous system?


What is the main purpose of axons in a neuron?

Passing electrical signals away from the cell body

In which part of a neuron does the transmission of information occur?


Which of the following ions is important in the electrochemical signaling process of neurons?

Sodium and potassium

How might increased branching of an axon help coordinate responses to signals communicated by the nervous system?

Enhance communication with other neurons

Learn about how sensory information is processed through the nervous system, involving integration by interneurons and motor output through motor neurons. Understand the components like the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS) in animals.

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