MRI Shimming Process

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What is the purpose of shimming in the context of superconducting magnets?

To increase the homogeneity of the magnetic field

Which type of coils are essential components for MRI systems to obtain clear images?

RF Coils

How is active shimming different from passive shimming?

Active shimming requires electric current adjustment, while passive shimming does not

What is the primary function of RF coils in MRI scanners?

Receive and/or transmit RF signals

Which type of coils are necessary for adjusting the static magnetic field homogeneity?

Coils with adjustable current

What is the main role of RF coils in an MRI system?

Receiving and transmitting radiofrequency waves

What is the purpose of shimming in MRI?

To improve the homogeneity of the static magnetic field

Which statement best describes passive shimming?

It adds small pieces of iron or magnetized materials to adjust the magnetic field.

What is active shimming in MRI characterized by?

Performing electrical adjustments with coils that have adjustable current.

Why is it necessary to shim an MRI magnet?

To make the homogeneity of the static magnetic field more uniform

Which method involves pieces of steel with good magnetic qualities in shimming?

Passive shimming

What does shimming involve in terms of adjusting the magnetic field homogeneity?

Using mechanical and/or electrical adjustments

Learn about the process of shimming in MRI scanners, where adjustments are made to maintain a high homogeneous static magnetic field for producing high-resolution images. Understand how small mechanical and electrical adjustments help in achieving a more uniform magnetic field.

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