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Who is known as 'The father of Kappaphycus farming'?

Gavino C. Trono

Which Filipino biologist led the world’s first national-scale assessment of damage to coral reefs?

Edgardo Gomez

Fe Del Mundo is known for being a prominent Filipina ____.


Which Filipino ophthalmologist is known as the 'Father of Modern Philippine ophthalmology'?

Germiniano T. de Ocampo

Who is considered a leading authority of plants in the Philippines and authored taxonomic and morphological papers, particularly on orchids?

Eduardo Quisumbing

Which Filipino inventor devised a method to induce more flowers in mango trees using ethrel and potassium nitrate?


'The father of Kappaphycus farming' mainly focuses on which aspect of biology?

Marine Phycology

'The Father of Modern Philippine ophthalmology' was the founder of which significant institution?

Philippine Eye Bank

Who is recognized for pioneering giant clam breeding and protective areas for coastal communities in the Philippines?

Angel Alcala

Which individual contributed significantly to Agriculture as a Filipino plant geneticist and agronomist?

Emil Q. Javier

Test your knowledge on medical imaging equipment such as MRI scanners, CT scans, and stethoscopes. Learn about how these devices work and their applications in healthcare.

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