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MUM 1629 - Lesson 1 - Extension - Mixing Basics: Getting the Right Balance and Panning (YouTube)

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What software is the speaker using to adjust the volume of specific tracks?

Pro Tools

Why does the speaker pan the chorus and verse guitar the same way?

To maintain a live, organic sound

What effect does the speaker intend to create by panning some vocals to the extremes?

Stereo effect

Why does the speaker randomize the panning of the gang vocals?

To simulate a 'bunch of guys in a room' feel

What does the speaker emphasize as crucial in creating a good mix?

Starting with volume and panning adjustments

What is the first element that the speaker advises to balance in the mix?

Kick and snare

How does the speaker create separation between the hi-hat and tambourine?

Panning the hi-hat to the right and the tambourine to the left

How does the speaker handle the bass in the mix?

Balancing it with the kick

What is the goal of creating a mix according to the speaker?

Balancing and making each element heard

What does the speaker encourage while working on the mix?

Encouraging experimentation with different sounds and effects

Study Notes

  • The speaker discusses the basics of starting a mix for beginners and intermediates, using the song "The Owl Song" by Me in the City as an example.
  • The song features live drums (kick, snare, top and bottom snares, hi-hat, rack tom, floor tom, and tambourine) and recorded bass, as well as samples and electric guitars in the verses and choruses.
  • The speaker advises starting with a blank slate, setting all levels to zero and listening from the top to understand the mix.
  • Kick and snare are the first elements to balance, with the live and sampled elements blended together.
  • The speaker uses panning to create separation between the hi-hat and tambourine, placing the hi-hat to the right and the tambourine to the left.
  • The speaker groups percussion elements together for easy manipulation and achieves a rough blend.
  • The bass, which is only a DI recording, is balanced with the drums and the acoustic guitars are panned left and right for balance.
  • The speaker encourages experimentation with different sounds and effects while maintaining a balance between elements.
  • The goal is to create a clear and balanced mix that allows each element to be heard and contributes to the overall sound of the song.


This quiz focuses on the fundamental aspects of starting a mix, emphasizing the importance of getting the balances and panning right. It provides valuable insights for beginners, as well as serves as a discussion point for intermediate and advanced individuals in the field of audio mixing.

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