Mixed Methods Approach in Social Inquiry

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What is the key characteristic of a structured approach in research?

Relies on statistical analysis and quantifiable data

Which of the following best describes an unstructured approach in research?

In-depth exploration of complex phenomena through open-ended questions

When is it most appropriate to use the mixed method approach in research?

To gain a comprehensive understanding by combining qualitative and quantitative data

From the modes of enquiry perspective, which type of research focuses on discovering relationships between aspects of a situation?

Structured approach

What distinguishes the mixed methods approach from purely qualitative research?

Combination of both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods

In a structured approach to research, what is the primary focus during data analysis?

Statistical analysis and quantifiable data

Which type of research method would be suitable if a study aims to deeply explore participants' experiences and perceptions?

Unstructured approach

Under what circumstance would researchers typically choose to use the mixed methods approach?

When wanting to triangulate findings from different data sources

What aspect characterizes the unstructured approach in research?

Focuses on open-ended questions to explore complexity deeply

When considering the modes of enquiry perspective, which method of research is most likely to employ statistical analyses primarily?

Structured approach

Learn about the mixed methods approach, which involves using both quantitative and qualitative methods in research studies. Discover when it is appropriate to use this approach and its benefits.

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