Microbiology and Parasitology Chapter 1 Quiz

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Who is credited with the discovery of Penicillin?

Alexander Fleming

Which scientist proposed the Cell Theory?

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Who is known for the concept of Spontaneous Generation?

John Needham

Which scientist is associated with the use of a swan-neck flask to disprove Spontaneous Generation?

Louis Pasteur

Who developed the concept of 'Magic Bullet' in medicine?

Paul Ehrlich

Which scientist proposed Koch's Postulates to establish a causal relationship between microorganisms and diseases?

Robert Koch

Which type of pathogenicity refers to the quantitative ability to cause disease?


Which term refers to the ability of a pathogen to cause disease in an immunocompromised individual?


What is the term for the ability of a pathogen to invade and spread within a host?


Which type of transmission involves the transfer of pathogens from inanimate objects such as surfaces or medical equipment?


Which term describes the occurrence of a disease at a higher frequency than expected in a specific area or population?


What is the primary function of natural killer cells in the immune system?

Killing infected cells

Which type of immunity results from vaccination or prior infection?

Naturally acquired active immunity

What was Edward Jenner's contribution to immunology?

Development of smallpox vaccine

Which type of immunoglobulin is the largest and is associated with acute infection and allergy?


What is the term for the time between exposure to a pathogen and the appearance of symptoms of the disease?

Incubation period

Which of the following is NOT a resident bacterial species of the human body?

Salmonella Typhi

What is the medical importance of Salmonella Typhi?

Causes aphoid fever

Which of the following statements is true about microbial growth?

The death/decline phase involves a balance between cidal and static agents.

What is the primary function of a disinfectant?

To kill spores and vegetative cells on inanimate objects.

Which of the following methods is used for physical control of microorganisms?


What is the gold standard in diagnosing most bacterial infections?

Culture studies of a sample

Which type of agar is used to differentiate lactose fermenters?

EMB agar

Test your knowledge of basic concepts and principles in microbiology and parasitology with this quiz. Explore the history of early observations and important theories by scientists such as Robert Hooke, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, and Louis Pasteur.

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