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What is the potential difference that exactly balances the tendency for diffusion down a concentration difference?

Equilibrium potential

What is the potential difference generated across a membrane due to a concentration difference of an ion?

Diffusion potential

When can a diffusion potential be generated across a membrane?

When the membrane is permeable to the ion

At electrochemical equilibrium, what happens to the chemical and electrical driving forces acting on an ion?

They become equal and opposite

In the example of Na+ equilibrium potential, what ion is the membrane permeable to?

Only Na+

What is the definition of obesity?

Accumulation of excessive amount of fat in storage areas of the body.

What BMI range is considered as overweight?

BMI of 25-29.9

What type of obesity occurs in children due to excessive energy intake?

Hyperplastic type

At what percentage of fat is obesity said to be present in females?


In which type of obesity is there an increase in the size of the adipocytes?

Hypertrophic type

What is the defining characteristic of the hyperplastic type of obesity?

Increased number of adipocytes

In which type of obesity does the size of adipocytes increase?

Hypertrophic type

What BMI range is considered as overweight?


What is the main factor determining the size of the body's energy stores?

Energy homeostasis

At what fat percentage is obesity said to be present in females?


Test your knowledge of membrane potentials with this quiz. Explore topics such as resting membrane potential, action potentials, and diffusion potential. Ideal for those studying physiology or neuroscience.

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