Medical Terminology Quiz: Anatomy and Physiology
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Medical Terminology Quiz: Anatomy and Physiology

Test your knowledge of medical terminology related to anatomy and physiology. This quiz covers terms like omentum, colon, ligaments, nerves, and more. See how well you understand the terminology used in the medical field!

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What type of pain is acute, unilateral, and depends on the spinal nerves?

Visceral pain

Which structure is mentioned to be between 2 ligaments and easier to retract during surgery?


In the provided text, what is NOT a factor in determining the size of an opening?


Which type of pain is described as being dependent on the parietal nerves?

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What structure is mentioned in the text to be present bilaterally and causing inflammation?

<p>Colon</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes


  • Omentum is a bilayered, intra-peritoneal structure
  • It has ligaments that connect to the stomach and intestines

Nerve Pathway

  • Parietal and visceral nerves are involved in the pathway of pain
  • Visceral nerves are bilateral and spinothalamic
  • Parietal nerves are unilateral and acute
  • Pain pathway depends on the embryological development of the nerves

Regional Anatomy

  • Epigastric region is located above the umbilicus
  • Pubic region is located below the umbilicus
  • C64 (6th cervical vertebra) and CS (coccyx) are relevant landmarks in the spinal cord

Medical Conditions

  • Apentectis is another term for appendicitis
  • Ischemia is a complication that can arise from inflammation

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