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Human Anatomy and Physiology Terminology Quiz

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What is the function of the buccinator muscle?

Affects the muscles of the mouth

Where are capillaries located in the body?

Connecting larger arteries to veins

What is the main function of the cell membrane?

Encloses the protoplasm and controls substances entering and leaving the cell

What is the role of centrioles in cell division?

Help divide the cell by moving to each side during mitosis process

Which body system includes the brain and spinal cord?

Central nervous system

What is the function of cervical cutaneous nerve?

Affects front and sides of the neck to the breastbone

What do cervical vertebrae refer to?

Seven bones in the neck region forming part of the spinal column

Which part of the body does the buccal nerve affect?


What is the function of the carpus?

Move the fingers

Which nerve tissue is the largest and most complex?


What are cells in relation to living things?

Basic units of all living things

Which part of the body contains the central nervous system?


Test your knowledge of various terms related to human anatomy and physiology including tissues, body systems, nerve tissue, muscles, capillaries, and cell membranes. This quiz covers key concepts from different body parts and functions.

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