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What is the contact email for the Ethics & Communication module Co-ordinator?

Professor Rania Abdel-Rahman

What is the topic of Module 1A?

Introduction to Medical Ethics

What is the academic hour on Tuesday?

10:00-1:00 PM

What is the purpose of the assignment mentioned in the lecture outline?

Criticize a case

What is one of the learning outcomes of the lecture?

Demonstrate the four basic principles of medical ethics

Study Notes

Module Information

  • Contact email for the Ethics & Communication module Co-ordinator is available for inquiries and concerns.

Module Content

  • Topic of Module 1A is a foundational aspect of the course.


  • Academic hour on Tuesday is a scheduled period for learning.

Assignment Purpose

  • The purpose of the assignment mentioned in the lecture outline is to achieve specific learning objectives.

Learning Outcomes

  • One of the key learning outcomes of the lecture is to attain a specific knowledge or skill.

Test your knowledge of medical ethics with this quiz covering topics such as the history of medical ethics, clinical correlates, and ethical communication. This quiz is designed to help you understand the fundamental principles of medical ethics and enhance your communication skills in the healthcare field.

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