Mechanical Engineering Ch (4) Fatigue Failure and Design Quiz

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What is the main cause of fatigue failure in materials?

Repeated loading and unloading

When does fatigue failure typically occur?

After a lengthy period of repeated stress or strain cycling

In what way is fatigue failure different from static failure?

Fatigue failure occurs without warning

What type of stress is necessary for fatigue to occur in a material?

At least part of the stress has to be tensile

In what kind of components/structures is fatigue failure a common phenomenon?

Load-bearing components/structures, bridges, cars, and airplanes

What is the nature of fatigue failure in materials?

Catastrophic and insidious

Which fluctuating stress-time mode accounts for fatigue failures with symmetrical amplitude about a mean zero stress level?

Reversed (pure alternating) stress cycle

What is the term for the type of stress cycle where maximum and minimum stresses are asymmetric?

"Repeated (alternating) stress cycle"

What is the term for a material failure caused by the initiation and propagation of cracks due to repeated loading and unloading?

"Fatigue failure"

"Fatigue in rotated shaft carries a pulley while rotating" is an example of what kind of fatigue?

Torsional fatigue

What type of stress can be cyclic or random in dynamic loads?

Dynamic stress

Which type of test provides useful values for material selection and component dimensioning for statically loaded components?

Tensile test

What is the name of the test result that represents the relationship between stress amplitude and the number of cycles to failure?

S–N curve

In which type of application must components be designed to avoid permanent deformation?

Service application

What does the intensity of stress do in tensile, compression, and bending tests until the load finally fractures the specimen?

Increases slowly but steadily

Which factor affects fatigue properties by causing microscopic voids in the material?

Stress amplitude

Test your knowledge on fatigue failure, cyclic stresses, fatigue tests, test procedures, fatigue failure criteria, and more in Mechanical Engineering Chapter 4.1-4.9.

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