Mechanical Engineering - Fatigue Failure and Design Quiz

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What type of stress changes constantly in dynamic loads?

Dynamic stress

Which test provides useful values for material selection and component dimensioning for statically loaded components?

Tensile test

What type of stress can be both cyclic or random in dynamic loads?

Dynamic stress

What type of failure may occur when components are subjected to dynamic loads?

Fatigue failure

What is the term used for the applied load on the material in service application not causing permanent deformation?

Elastic deformation

Which factor affects fatigue properties of materials?

Dynamic loads

What is the phenomenon known as when a material fails due to repeated loading and unloading, even at low loads?

Fatigue failure

Which type of stress cycle involves stress alternating from a maximum tensile stress to a minimum compressive stress of equal magnitude?

Reversed stress cycle

What type of stresses are necessary for fatigue failure to occur?

Both tensile and compressive stresses

In which type of load is the strength limit lower compared to static load?

Dynamic load

What is the nature of fatigue failure in normally ductile metals?


What type of components or structures commonly experience fatigue failure?

Aircraft and machine components

What occurs by the initiation and propagation of cracks in fatigue failure?

Material fracture

Which type of stress is necessary for fatigue to occur in a material?

Axial (tension-compression) stress

What type of fracture surface is typically observed in fatigue failure?

Perpendicular to the direction of applied tensile stress

In which type of material fatigue occurs when repetitive stresses are below the yield strength?

All materials

Test your knowledge on the concepts related to fatigue failure and design against fatigue in mechanical engineering. This quiz covers topics such as cyclic stresses, fatigue failure criteria, factors affecting fatigue properties, and fatigue life improvement techniques.

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