Mastering Strategic Planning

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What is the purpose of strategic planning?

To develop and maintain a fit between goals and capabilities

What does the ESP model illustrate?

The relationships between environment, strategy, and performance

What does a SWOT analysis of the business environment lead to, according to the text?

The development of strategy

What is the purpose of e-business strategy?

To reach performance objectives and create competitive advantage

What are pure play businesses?

Businesses that began on the internet

What is the ESP model and how does it illustrate the relationships among environment, strategy, and performance?

The ESP model is a framework that illustrates the relationships among environment, strategy, and performance. It shows that a SWOT analysis of the business environment leads to the development of strategy, which in turn impacts the measurement of performance.

What are performance metrics and why are they important in evaluating e-business and e-marketing operations?

Performance metrics are designed to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of e-business and e-marketing operations. They are important because they provide a measure of how well these operations are achieving their objectives.

What is the difference between e-business strategy and e-marketing strategy?

E-business strategy deploys enterprise resources to reach performance objectives and create competitive advantage, while e-marketing strategy capitalizes on information technology to reach specified objectives.

What are pure play businesses and how did they originate?

Pure play businesses are businesses that began on the internet. They originated as companies that exclusively operated online, without a physical presence or offline operations.

Test your knowledge on strategic planning and its importance in maintaining a competitive advantage in a changing market. Explore key concepts such as goal setting, growth strategies, geographic scope, and more. Gain insight into the ESP model and its relationship to environment, strategy, and performance.

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