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Which process transports molecules through the cell membrane against the concentration gradient?

Active transport

Which process disrupts the equilibrium established by diffusion?

Active transport

What does active transport help maintain between cells and extracellular fluid?

Dynamic equilibrium

What happens to diffusion/osmosis after equilibrium is established?

It stops completely

What type of molecules can enter/exit through active transport?

Small nutrients and gases

What is the main requirement for active transport to occur?


What does active transport do to the concentration of a substance inside the cell?

Increases it

What does active transport do to the concentration of a substance outside the cell?

Decreases it

Which process requires cellular energy to move molecules from a low concentration to a high concentration?

Active transport

Which type of transport does not require cellular energy?

Facilitated diffusion

Which type of transport moves substances from high concentration to low concentration?


Which types of particles are transported through active transport?

Amino acids, sugars, lipids

Which types of particles are transported through passive transport?

Anything soluble in lipids, small monosaccharides, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sex hormones

Which process maintains equilibrium in the cell?

Passive transport

Which types of transport are examples of passive transport?

Diffusion, osmosis, facilitated diffusion

Why do amino acids, sugars, and lipids need to enter the cell through active transport?

They diffuse too slowly for survival

Test your knowledge on active and passive transport with this quiz! Learn about the different biological processes that move substances into and out of cells, and understand the key differences between passive and active transport. Challenge yourself to see how well you grasp the concepts of concentration gradients, energy requirements, and molecular characteristics.

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