Maria Clara and Western Influence Dances in the Philippines

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Which category of Filipino dances is known for showcasing graceful movements of the upper body, including the use of fans and handkerchiefs?

Maria Clara/Western Influence dances

Which type of Filipino dances are often characterized by the use of indigenous musical instruments and intricate footwork?

Cordillera dances

What distinguishes Muslim dances from other Filipino dance categories?

Use of props like swords and shields

Which type of Filipino dances are a blend of indigenous and Spanish movement styles typically performed during fiestas?

Spanish-influenced dances

What is the major difference between traditional folk dances and western-influenced dances?

The purpose of the dance

Which of the following best describes the significance of dance in pre-colonial Philippines?

Religious rituals and appeasement of spirits

In Philippine folk dance history, what was the primary reason for the people to dance?

To preserve cultural traditions

What characterizes Muslim dances in the Philippines?

Use of intricate footwork

What are the two major categories of ethnic dances in the Philippines?

Dances of pagan groups and Muslim groups

What characterizes the dances of non-Christian Filipino groups according to the text?

Lack of music accompaniment and focus on agility

What cultural influences do Muslim dances in the Philippines have?

Hindu, Japanese, Chinese, and Arab-Persian civilizations

How are traditionalist dances different from Western influenced dances?

Traditionalist dances require agility and nimbleness

Explore dances that originated from the lowlands of Luzon, particularly in the Tagalog region, such as Cariñosa, La Jota Moncadeña, and Pandanggo sa Ilaw. These dances showcase graceful movements of the upper body, influenced by the Spanish colonial era and named after the main female protagonist in Jose Rizal's novel 'Noli Me Tangere'.

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