Manav Sthali School Class VIII Term-II Worksheet Fill in the Blanks

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What is the full form of OMS?

Orbital Maneuvering System

What protects the orbiter from external heat?

Thermal tiles

When are the Landing Wheels lowered?

Just before touchdown

How many different types of rocket engines does the orbiter have?


What do astronauts do when they run out of fuel in space?

Parachute back to Earth

What is the part of space shuttle that a crew travels in called?


Who controls the Orbiter when it returns to Earth?


What helps to launch the shuttle into space?


What is surrounded by panels with hundreds of switches, dials, and buttons?


What can move satellites in and out of the payload bay?

Robot Arm

Where is the shuttle's cargo stored?

Payload Bay

What fires to boost the satellite into a higher orbit?

Orbital Maneuvering System

What holds fuel for the orbiter's main engines?

External Tank

Who helps the orbiter land at the end of a mission?


What is the science laboratory that the shuttle can carry into orbit called?


Test your knowledge with this worksheet from Manav Sthali School for Class VIII students. Fill in the blanks related to space shuttles and their components.

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