Lizzie and Lina: Confrontation with a Green Scarf

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What did Lina do when she caught hold of one end of the green scarf?

Jerked Lizzie to a halt

How did Lizzie initially respond when Lina asked her to stop?

What for? I'm going to work.

Why did Lina speak in a low voice when asking Lizzie about the cans?

She didn't want to be overheard.

What did Lina and Lizzie do after scuffling and ending up sitting on the pavement?


How did Lizzie react when Lina accused her of not telling the truth?

Tried to wrench her scarf out of Lina's grip.

What did Lizzie say to Lina after they both laughed?

You dope.

Who is the storeroom worker that Lizzie mentions?

Looper Windly

What does Looper do in the storerooms that sets him apart from other workers?

He goes into every room that isn't locked to find out the true situation.

Why does Looper give some stolen items to Lizzie?

Because he likes her.

What does Lina reveal about Looper's actions that concerns Lizzie?

Looper steals things and sells them for huge prices.

Why does Lizzie think not everyone should know about the hidden items Looper found?

To avoid people fighting over the limited goods.

What does Lizzie offer to do for Lina in regards to Looper's findings?

Ask Looper to find some good stuff for Lina too.

This quiz is based on a confrontation between two characters, Lizzie and Lina, involving a green scarf. Test your understanding of the characters' actions and dialogues in this scene.

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