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What are the types of fatty liver disease mentioned in the text?

  1. Diffuse Fatty Liver: entire liver is affected
  2. Focal Fatty Liver: lobar / segmental
  3. Focal Fatty Sparing

What are the causes of hepatomegaly as mentioned in the text?

  1. Vascular congestion – CHD
  2. Infection (HepaA to E)
  3. Tumors (mets, 1° hepatic tumors, lymphoma, leukemia)

What are the UTS findings for hepatomegaly?

  1. Length of Rlobe
  2. Rounding of L lobe hepatic edge (inferior)
  3. Liver edge extending t

What are the types of liver survey mentioned in the text?

A. Longitudinal Survey Sagittal plane Transabdominal Anterior Approach B. Axial Survey Transverse plane Transabdominal Anterior Approach C. Right Lateral Superior Lobe of Liver Coronal plane, Axial plane Right Lateral Subcostal/Intercostal Approach

What is the non-specific reaction to obesity, alcohol abuse, diabetes, chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition, and drugs mentioned in the text?


Test your knowledge of liver anatomy and diseases with this survey quiz. Explore different survey approaches, planes, and disease classifications related to the liver. Sharpen your understanding of longitudinal and axial surveys, transabdominal and subcostal approaches, and diffuse hepatic diseases like fatty liver disease.

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