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Linguistics: Features of Human Language

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What do fluent speakers have an unconscious knowledge of in language?

specific language structures

What can speakers do with particular units in a structure, such as phrases?

Substitute them with other units or move them to other positions

What is a characteristic of units of human language, such as words, phrases, and sentences?

They display internal structure

According to the language rule, what happens when forming a yes/no question from a declarative sentence?

The auxiliary verb is moved to the front, to the left of the subject

What is unique to human language, compared to animal communication systems?

The use of abstract, underlying structures to form linguistic units

What do speakers know about groups of words in a sentence?

They can be the structural equivalent of one word

What is the basis for forming linguistic units in human language?

Abstract, underlying structures

What do fluent speakers do when arranging chunks of structure in a sentence?

They follow specific rules

What is an example of rearranging units in a sentence?

Forming a yes/no question by moving the auxiliary verb to the front

What is the key feature of human language that allows for complex communication?

The use of internal structure and specific language rules

This quiz covers the typical features of human language, including the use of vocal-auditory channel, total feedback, arbitrariness, and more.

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