Understanding Human Language
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Understanding Human Language

Explore the design features of human language, compare them with animal communication, and discover the various purposes of language. Delve into the systematic study of language as defined in linguistics. What exactly is language? Find out in this quiz.

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What is the definition of linguistics?

Linguistics can be defined as 'the systematic study of language'.

How is language defined in most linguistics books?

Most linguistics books use the word language to mean the specialized sound-signalling system genetically programmed to develop in humans.

What distinguishes language from other systems of animal communication?

Language is distinguished from other systems of animal communication by being a specialized sound-signalling system.

What other forms of communication do humans use aside from language?

<p>Humans can communicate through non-verbal means like winking, waving, smiling, tapping on the shoulder, etc.</p> Signup and view all the answers

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