Human Language Features Quiz
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Human Language Features Quiz

Test your knowledge on features of human language such as arbitrariness and the need for learning. Explore the concept of arbitrariness and how it relates to the design of human language. Discover the importance of learning in human communication.

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What does patterning refer to in English language?

Patterning in English refers to the restrictions on which items can occur together and the order in which they come.

How is language viewed in terms of patterning?

Language can be seen as an intricate network of interrelated elements where every item derives its identity from the overall pattern.

Explain structure-dependency in language operations.

Language operations are structure-dependent, relying on an understanding of the internal structure of a sentence rather than just the number of elements involved.

What is the significance of adding -ed to a verb in English?

<p>Adding -ed to a verb in English is to indicate the past tense.</p> Signup and view all the answers

How does structure-dependency affect sentence construction in English?

<p>Structure-dependency means that sentence construction depends on understanding the internal structure of a sentence rather than just the number of words used.</p> Signup and view all the answers

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