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What did the Osage do when they received a letter informing them that the French had sold their territory to the United States?

They did not believe it and burned the letter.

What goods did the Osage receive from trading with French and other European traders?

Metal goods, horses, and guns.

What event set off a terrifying arms race and inflamed old enmities between indigenous nations in the region?

Colonial invasion and trading of furs and captives to French and other European traders.

What did the feared Comanche do to the Osage villages along the western fringe?

Laid waste to them.

What request did President Thomas Jefferson make to the Osage leaders when they were beckoned to Washington DC?

To keep peace and foster trade with the United States.

Test your knowledge of the Lewis and Clark expedition with this quiz. Explore the challenges, encounters, and discoveries of this historic journey through engaging questions.

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