Learning Microsoft Excel Basics

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What is the purpose of the Colour Scheme option under General options in Excel?

To define the desired color for Excel working environment

How can you change the behavior of Excel when working with formulas?

By using autocomplete feature

Where can you find the Proofing settings option in Excel?

Under the Proofing tab on the left-hand panel

What is one of the functions of the Proofing settings in Excel?

Manipulating entered text for spell check

How can you activate an option in Excel settings?

Click on the option once

Which option in Excel allows you to define the default file format when saving files?

Save settings

What does the Formula Behavior Settings allow you to do?

Set options like autocomplete for working with formulas

How can you deactivate an option in Excel settings?

Remove the mark from the checkbox

What is one of the settings under Proofing that can be adjusted?

Dictionary language for spell check

What does activating an option mean in Excel?

Enabling a feature

This quiz introduces the basics of using Microsoft Excel, explaining the concept of columns, rows, and cells. It also covers how cell addresses are represented using column letters and row numbers.

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