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What is the primary process of communication by means of language?

Oral speech

What represents what exists in oral speech?

Written speech

What is the most important means of human intercourse according to the text?

Language as speech sounds

What aspect of a language can often determine the communicative type of sentences?


What must a person know nearly all of to speak any language according to the text?


Study Notes

Communication through Language

  • The primary process of communication is by means of language, which involves encoding and decoding of messages.

Verbal Communication

  • Oral speech is represented by phonemes, which are the smallest units of sound in a language.

Importance of Language

  • Language is considered the most important means of human intercourse, highlighting its significance in facilitating interaction and communication.

Sentence Types

  • The modality of a language (e.g. assertive, interrogative, imperative) often determines the communicative type of sentences.

Language Proficiency

  • To speak any language, a person must know almost all of its vocabulary, emphasizing the importance of vocabulary in language proficiency.

Test your knowledge of language and communication with this quiz! Explore the importance of oral speech, written speech, grammar, and vocabulary in human interaction.

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