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What was the primary reason for Karen's envy towards her older brother?

Because he was considered superior due to being the first-born son

What was the primary difference in temperament between Karen's parents?

The father was religious and silent, while the mother was freethinking and strong-willed

What did Karen's mother reveal to her about her marriage?

That she married because she feared becoming a spinster

Why did Karen doubt that her parents wanted her during her childhood and adolescence?

Because they were vocal about their preference for their son

What intimidated Karen about her father?

His frightening eyes and demanding manner

What was Karen's mother's temperament like?

Strong-willed, freethinking, and attractive

What did Karen Horney decide to do when she felt she was not getting enough love and security?

She decided to become ambitious and rebellious

During her time at medical school, who did Karen Horney marry?

Oskar Horney

What was the outcome of Karen Horney's marriage with Oskar Horney?

It ended in 1927 after 17 years

According to Karen Horney's psychoanalytic social theory, what is responsible for shaping personality?

Childhood experiences

How did Horney theorize that people combat basic anxiety?

By developing an idealized self-image

Who did Karen Horney consult as a therapist for her personal issues?

Karl Abraham

What did Karen Horney conclude about Freudian psychoanalysis?

It was of only minimal help to her

What did Karl Abraham attribute Karen Horney's problems to?

Her attraction to forceful men

'Moving toward people', 'Moving against people', and 'Moving away from people' are fundamental styles of relating to others proposed by Karen Horney to combat:

'Basic anxiety'

'Selfhatred' as expressed by Karen Horney can take the form of:


Study Notes

Karen Horney's Early Life

  • Karen Horney felt envious of her older brother due to the attention he received from their parents.
  • Her parents had different temperaments: her mother was more emotional and impulsive, while her father was more calm and rational.

Karen's Relationship with Her Parents

  • Karen's mother revealed to her that she had never wanted to marry her father.
  • Karen doubted that her parents wanted her during her childhood and adolescence because she felt unloved and unwanted.
  • She was intimidated by her father's criticism and authoritarian nature.

Karen Horney's Personal Life

  • When Karen felt she was not getting enough love and security, she decided to strive for independence and self-sufficiency.
  • During medical school, Karen Horney married Oskar Horney.
  • Her marriage with Oskar Horney ended in divorce due to extramarital affairs and personal issues.

Karen Horney's Theories

  • According to her psychoanalytic social theory, cultural and social factors are responsible for shaping personality.
  • Horney theorized that people combat basic anxiety by moving toward people (seeking reassurance), moving against people (struggling for power), or moving away from people (withdrawing emotionally).
  • Horney consulted a therapist, Karl Abraham, for her personal issues.

Critique of Freudian Psychoanalysis

  • Karen Horney concluded that Freudian psychoanalysis was overly focused on biological factors and neglected social and cultural influences.
  • Karl Abraham attributed Karen Horney's problems to her inability to accept her feminine role.

Horney's Theories on Interpersonal Relationships

  • 'Moving toward people', 'Moving against people', and 'Moving away from people' are fundamental styles of relating to others that Horney proposed to combat basic anxiety.
  • 'Self-hatred' as expressed by Karen Horney can take the form of self-accusations, self-contempt, or self-torment.

Test your knowledge about Karen Horney, her life, and her contributions to interpersonal psychoanalysis with this quiz. Learn about her early life, family dynamics, and the factors that influenced her work.

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