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People can protect themselves from basic anxiety by (1) _______, (2) submissiveness, (3) power or prestige, and (4) withdrawal.


Neurotic individuals are frequently trapped in a vicious circle in which their compulsive need to reduce basic anxiety leads to a variety of self-defeating ______s; these ______s then produce more basic anxiety, and the circle continues.


The neurotic need for live to please others and win love, affection, and approval is to _______.


The neurotic need to attach themselves to a powerful partner is a form of seeking _______.


The neurotic need to restrict one’s life little, downgrade their own abilities, and dread making demands on others is a way to avoid feelings of weakness or stupidity, and it involves _______.


The neurotic need to exploit others is driven by a compulsive drive to always be _______.


The neurotic need for _______ in personal important regardless of cost to self and achievement others


The neurotic need for Go to extreme lengths to avoid being self-sufficiency and obligated to anyone _______


The neurotic need for They strive relentlessly for perfection, they perfection and dread making mistakes _______


NEUROTIC TRENDS 1: Moving toward People (_______) One approach to dealing with neurotic anxiety is to emphasize one’s helplessness.


NEUROTIC TRENDS 2: Moving against people (_______) If one way of handling anxiety is to cling to others, another way is to fight.


This hostility includes need to exploit others, to take advantage of weaknesses in others, to be in control, to be _______.


Instead of dealing with others in a dependent or hostile manner, the child may choose to reduce anxiety by being self-sufficient and independent. The desire for ______ is very strong.


Such people usually find a job requiring little interaction with others; in general, they avoid affection, love, sympathy, and ______.


The neurotic trends flow from basic anxiety, which in turn, stems from a child’s relationships with other people. The desire to be ______ is emphasized.


Horney did not neglect the impact of intrapsychic factors in the development of personality. This section looks at two important intrapsychic conflicts: the idealized self-image and ______.


Moving away from people (isolation) can be a way to reduce anxiety by being self-sufficient and independent. The child may choose to avoid dealing with others in a dependent or hostile manner and emphasize the need to be ______.


The ability to endure everything, understand everything, to like everybody, and to be always productive is described as the 'Tyranny of the ______'.


Study Notes

Basic Anxiety and Protection Mechanisms

  • People can develop feelings of insecurity and basic anxiety if they repress basic hostility.
  • Four ways to protect oneself from basic anxiety:
    • Affection
    • Submissiveness
    • Power or prestige
    • Withdrawal

Neurotic Needs

  • Neurotic needs are compulsive and driven by the desire to reduce basic anxiety.
  • Ten neurotic needs identified:
    • Need to please others and win love and affection
    • Need to attach oneself to a powerful partner
    • Need to restrict one's life and downgrade abilities
    • Need to control others and avoid feelings of weakness
    • Need to exploit others and be dominant
    • Need for social recognition and prestige
    • Need for personal admiration
    • Need for ambition and personal achievement
    • Need for self-sufficiency and independence
    • Need for perfection and unassailability

Neurotic Trends

  • Three neurotic trends identified:
    • Moving toward people (helplessness)
    • Moving against people (hostility)
    • Moving away from people (isolation)

Moving Toward People

  • Characterized by extreme dependence on others
  • Compulsive seeking of affection and acceptance
  • Need to be liked, wanted, loved, and appreciated

Moving Against People

  • Characterized by aggressiveness and hostility
  • Need to exploit others, be in control, and be powerful
  • Belief that all people are hostile and out to get what they can

Moving Away from People

  • Characterized by self-sufficiency and independence
  • Desire for privacy and avoidance of affection and love

Intrapyschic Conflicts

  • Neurotic trends flow from basic anxiety, which stems from childhood relationships
  • Two important intrapsychic conflicts:
    • Idealized self-image
    • Self-hatred
  • Tyranny of the Should: the ability to endure everything, understand everything, to like everybody, and to be always productive

Test your knowledge on Karen Horney's concept of neurotic trends, focusing on the aspects of "accepted, welcomed, approved of" and "moving away from people (isolation)". Explore the characteristics of externalization and its impact on relationships.

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