Islamic Studies: The Importance of Following the Holy Quran

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What does Allah (SWT) say about the impact of prayer in the Quran?

Prayer prevents you from evil and bad deeds

According to the Quran, why has fasting been prescribed for believers?

To help people become pious or righteous

What is the consequence of refusing to follow the manual (Quran) according to the text?

Lives begin to malfunction and difficulties arise

In the Quran, what does Allah (SWT) attribute misfortune to?

Misfortune is due to what your hands have earned

Why do people face punishment and tests?

Punishment due to own sins, tests to raise status

Explore the significance of following the guidance in the Holy Quran and its impact on leading a smooth life. Understand the concept of facing difficulties when one deviates from the manual provided by Allah (SWT).

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