Introduction to Pathology and Bone Fracture Classification

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Which type of bone fracture is right angle to the long axis of a bone?


What type of fracture results in discontinuity between two or more fragments?

Complete Fracture

Which bone fracture type is characterized by an elongated triangular fragment of cortical bone?


What is the term for a fracture that is 45 degrees to the long axis of a bone?


In bone fractures, what type occurs exclusively in children?


What is the term for the measurable or objective manifestations of a disease process?


Which type of leukocyte is involved in killing bacteria, fungi, and other foreign debris?


What does the term 'idiopathic' mean in relation to a disease process?

Underlying cause is unknown

Which of the following is a type of localized edema that results from the escape of protein-rich intravascular fluid into the extravascular tissue?

Localized Edema

Who discovered the five cardinal signs of inflammation 2000 years ago?

Aulus Cornelius Celsus

Learn about the study of diseases that can cause abnormalities in the structure or function of organ systems, as well as the classification of bone fractures including transverse, oblique, spiral, and comminuted fractures.

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