Introduction to Biology: Common Features of Living Organisms

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What is the genetic material of retroviruses?


Which cellular structure is present in plants, bacteria, and fungi?

Cell wall

Where does protein synthesis take place in a cell?


What process is commonly used to achieve energy in living organisms?


What is the structure of DNA in bacteria?

Circular DNA

What process involves crossing-over and independent organization to create variation amongst the creation of new cells?


Which type of organism is known for living in harsh or extreme conditions?


What is the main function of hemoglobin?

Acts as a carrier protein for oxygen

Which process begins with inorganic molecules and over time leads to the production of organic molecules such as amino acids and fatty acids?

Chemical evolution

What is the purpose of maintaining suitable pH levels of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach?

To activate pepsin for breaking down proteins

Explore the basic concepts of biology and the common features of living organisms, including genetic material and structure. Learn about biocenoses and the interactions of organisms within specific habitats.

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