Introduction to Biochemistry

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Which area is NOT considered a principle area of biochemistry?

Study of inorganic chemistry

What is the definition of biochemistry?

The study of chemical reactions in living organisms

What is the supramolecular structure formed by lipids?

Cell wall

Which process forms polymers from monomers by releasing water?


Which statement best describes the role of biochemists?

Use physical and chemical principles to explain biology at the molecular level

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Biochemistry Basics

  • Mathematics is NOT considered a principle area of biochemistry.
  • Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes and transformations that occur within living organisms.

Lipid Structure

  • Lipids form a supramolecular structure called a lipid bilayer.

Polymer Formation

  • Dehydration synthesis is the process that forms polymers from monomers by releasing water.

Role of Biochemists

  • Biochemists isolate, characterize, and synthesize biomolecules, as well as study the chemical reactions and pathways involved in their metabolism.

Discover the fundamental principles of biochemistry, the interdisciplinary field that connects biology and chemistry at the molecular level. Explore the impact of biochemistry on medicine, agriculture, and various aspects of life.

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