Internal Combustion Engine Systems

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What material is used to cast the cylinder block and upper half of the crank case?


Which component serves as a cooling and ventilation system for engine lubricating oil?

Oil sump

What type of work is converted from heat energy in a heat engine?

Mechanical work

Which type of engine is a steam engine categorized under?

External combustion engines

Which device is an example of a power absorbing heat engine?

Air compressor

What are the types of reciprocating steam engines?

All of the mentioned

What is the second step in the Carnot cycle?

Isentropic compression

What cycle do thermal power plants operate on?

Rankine cycle

What is the maximum efficiency of a combined cycle gas turbine (steam cooled)?


What is the torque available at the contact between road and driving wheel called?

Tractive effort

Study Notes

Optimum Firing Order of Engine

  • Engine vibration, engine cooling, and development of backpressure are considered while deciding the optimum firing order of an engine.
  • Engine configuration is not considered while deciding the optimum firing order of an engine.

Dwell Meter

  • The Dwell meter is used to set the contact breaker gap.

Vacuum Advance Mechanism

  • The vacuum advance mechanism shifts the ignition point under part-load operation.

Electric Field

  • The conventional direction of electric field is from positive to negative.
  • Electric field originates at a positive charge.
  • Electric field terminates at a negative charge.
  • Electric field lines never intersect.
  • A field that spreads outwards in all directions is radial.


  • The insulant between the two plates of a capacitor is called dielectric.
  • The time constant of a capacitor depends on the charging and discharging rate.
  • The initial current while charging a capacitor is high.

Lead-Acid Battery

  • PbSO4 gets deposited on the plates of a discharged lead-acid battery.
  • The number of positive plates in a battery cell is one less than the negative plates.
  • A maintenance-free battery has a lead-calcium plate grid.

Alkaline Battery

  • The specific gravity of electrolyte remains the same in an alkaline battery.

Speed Measurement

  • Magnetic pickup is the best method to measure the speed.

Ignition System

  • The function of the ignition system is to initiate the flame propagation process.
  • The total enthalpy required to cause the flame to be self-sustaining and promote ignition is given by the product of the surface area of the spherical flame and the enthalpy per unit area.
  • An ignition process obeys the law of conservation of energy.
  • Air is a poor conductor of electricity, and an air gap in an electric circuit acts as a high resistance.

Engine Components

  • Cylinder liners are cast by semi-steel material.
  • The oil sump serves as a cooling and ventilation of engine lubricating oil.
  • A heat engine converts heat energy from fuel combustion or any other source into mechanical work.
  • A steam engine comes under the category of external combustion engines.
  • An air compressor is a power-absorbing heat engine.

Reciprocating Steam Engine

  • All of the following are types of reciprocating steam engines: simple, compound, and uniflow.

Carnot Cycle

  • The 2nd step of the Carnot cycle is isentropic compression.

Thermal Power Plants

  • Thermal power plants operate on the Rankine cycle.
  • The efficiency of a combined cycle gas turbine (steam cooled) can range as high as 60%.

Automobile Systems

  • The engine produces mechanical power that is transmitted to the automobile's wheels through a drivetrain, which includes transmission & driveshaft(s), and differential & axles.
  • The torque available at the contact between the road and driving wheel is called tractive effort.

This quiz covers various aspects of internal combustion engines, including firing order, dwell meter, vacuum advance mechanism, and electric fields.

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