Intellectual Disability Classification and Support Systems Quiz
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Intellectual Disability Classification and Support Systems Quiz

Test your knowledge on intellectual disability classification and support systems with this informative quiz. Learn about the multidimensional evaluation process, the four levels of support, and the importance of providing appropriate support to help individuals with intellectual disabilities advance. Keywords include intellectual disability, classification, support, evaluation, and adaptive skills. Challenge yourself and expand your knowledge on this important topic.

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  • Definition of intellectual disability has been modified by AAMR over time
  • Intellectual disability is an interaction between limitations in intellectual functioning and environment
  • Evaluation is multidimensional, including intellectual functioning, adaptive skills, psychological/emotional considerations, physical/health/etiological considerations, and environmental considerations
  • Classification is based on the intensity of support needed
  • Support can help individuals with intellectual disability advance
  • Classification is not based on IQ levels
  • System of classification is based on intensity of support needed
  • Four levels of support: limited, intermittent, extensive, and generalized
  • Focus is on providing appropriate support rather than categorizing individuals based on their intellectual functioning
  • Intellectual disability is not a static state and individuals can progress with appropriate support.

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