Information Technology Management (ICTM400): Introduction to Organizations

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What is the theory that suggests bright people turn out to be dim due to self-destructive intelligence syndrome?

Pride, Arrogance, Unconscious desire to fail

What are elements of a strong corporate culture?

Recognition of heroes who illustrate the shared philosophy

What are the four types of culture mentioned?

Flexibility, Independence, Interdependence, Stability

What are some of the professional traits required for management?

Energy and stress tolerance, Achievement orientation, Emotional maturity, Self-confidence, Integrity, Task-relevant knowledge, Flexible

Study Notes

The Curse of Cluelessness

  • "The Curse of Cluelessness" refers to how bright people can make dumb decisions due to being "too smart for their own good" - a self-destructive intelligence syndrome.
  • Examples of managerial errors: WorldCom ($104 Billion) and Conseco ($16 Billion).

How Organizations Work

  • An IT Service Desk is a key part of an organization.
  • Organizations can be viewed through four frames: Structural, Human Resources, Political, and Symbolic.

Understanding Culture

  • Culture is the system of shared actions, values, and beliefs that guide the behavior of an organization's members.
  • Elements of a strong corporate culture include:
    • Shared understanding of the organization's values
    • Concern for individuals over rules and policies
    • Recognition of heroes who illustrate the shared philosophy
    • Strong belief in building a common identity
    • Understanding of informal rules and expectations
    • Managers and employees sharing information and ideas
  • There are four types of culture, with two dimensions: flexibility and stability, and how people interact and respond to change.

Four Levels of Culture

  • Culture can be understood on four levels, but the exact levels are not specified in the text.

How Management Works

  • Professional traits of successful managers include:
    • Energy and stress tolerance
    • Achievement-oriented mindset
    • Emotional maturity
    • Self-confidence
    • Integrity
    • Task-relevant knowledge
    • Flexibility

This quiz covers the basics of organizations in the context of information technology management, including the concept of 'The Curse of Cluelessness' and how it relates to intelligence and decision-making.

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